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Drilling is a traditional process, but Gundrilling is a remarkable, niche operation exclusive to a few machining companies nationwide. A 3rd Generation, Midwest-based machining company, American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) specializes in complex drilling and boring holes in various materials.

Professional Gundrilling with Experience

Drills initially designed for drilling holes in guns can be used to bore holes into many other applications. Gundrilling is a versatile process, able to work with a variety of standard and precious metals, plastic polymers, exotic alloys, or specialty materials with hardness of up to 48 R/C. Our 50 years of experience and custom, state-of-the-art equipment allow us to achieve repeatability, consistency, high tolerance straightness, and hole diameter sizes down to thousandths of a decimal.

Providing Gundrilling services for deep hole boring and angle, concentric, and intersecting holes, AMG has the expertise and equipment for incredibly straight drilling from entry to exit, fabricating the components you need to exact specifications.

Precision Programmed by Hand

We take pride in our quality precision Gundrilling techniques, and our experts, with honesty and integrity, stand behind our work. We utilize the latest technology and equipment, but robots cannot do what we do. Every move is programmed by hand manually.

Our staff conducts visual, hole walk, drift, size, and ultrasound inspections in addition to hardness and laser thermal testing to ensure the reliability of individual products. Across varied industries, the quality, speed, and precision of AMG are supported by new equipment investments and extensive existing machine maintenance that eliminates unnecessary downtime.

AMG gundrilling operations are flexible and can produce turnarounds as fast as a day, depending on external factors and product requirements. From injectors for crème filled snacks to components for animatronics, hollowing medical supplies, and so much more, AMG can manufacture exactly what you need.

Extensive Solutions & Creative Guidance from American Machine & Gundrilling

AMG provides high-precision accuracy hole boring and drilling with exceptional customer service and engineering assistance. Using the latest technology and 50 years of knowledge and experience, we are confident we can provide the components you require. During business hours, we respond to communication quickly, with response times as fast as 30 minutes or less. Need help executing a project? We offer creative guidance and engineering assistance to create the components needed to work as intended in real life.

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