Heat Plates Gundrilling

Heat plates use intricate drilled patterns to achieve consistent heating across the surface of the application. Offering a precision drilling method with exceptional capabilities, gundrilling can produce the complex hole types that traditional drilling may struggle with. Understand the premium drilling capabilities of individualized gundrilling processes and the benefits provided to heat plate manufacturing.

Drilling Capabilities for Heat Plate Applications

Gundrilling manufacturing is specialized to the needs of the application being produced, allowing for precision and accuracy to ensure that the part meets requirements. In manufacturing heat plates, gundrilling can create intricate hole types that meet the needs of the application.

Heat plates use intersecting holes for flow patterns, stepped holes for multiple flow capabilities and temperature control, and sometimes require thermal coupling holes, bubbler holes, blind holes, and through holes for various components. Manufacturing heat plate applications with gundrilling can achieve these complex patterns with valuable production benefits.

Gundrilling Advantages for Manufacturing Heat Plates

With an individualized production process, gundrilling offers various advantages to manufacturing heat plates. Gundrilling can achieve impressive technical specifications and offers the following benefits in drilling operations:

  • Repeatability & Consistency
  • Enhanced Straightness
  • Increased Depths
  • Tight Tolerances & Round Diameters

We use the latest custom technology to offer premium gundrilling operations for heat plate manufacturing. Our processes work with a range of materials up to 50 R/c, and we can drill an unlimited number of holes in an application with tolerances within .0003”.

Create Premium Heat Plates with Gundrilling Manufacturing from AMG

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) is a quality gundrilling fabricator with decades of experience. Our custom- modified equipment is able to individualize drilling for heat plate applications, producing the components you need to exact requirements. We are the go-to guys for complex and intricate drilling projects when precision and accuracy are a concern. Contact AMG with any questions or request a quote.