Gundrilling for the Medical Industry

Medical products are crucial to human health and survival. Manufacturing products for the medical industry should meet high-quality standards, deliver precision for optimal performance, and provide sterile solutions. Gundrilling offers a highly accurate drilling process for producing various medical applications and components. Learn about gundrilling capabilities for the medical industry, medical product gundrilling advantages, and potential medical applications for gundrilling operations.

Medical Industry Gundrilling Capabilities

Utilizing an individualized methodology, gundrilling produces components to the needs of its application and operation. Gundrilling processes use state-of-the-art, modified equipment to create high-precision drilled hole types in medical products and applications. With specialized gundrilling, drilling special surgical stainless and medical plastic materials is fast and efficient, featuring high-tolerance straightness and perfect bore roundness. In manufacturing medical products and components, gundrilling manufacturing can meet strict requirements for precision drilling in a range of materials and produce an unlimited number of holes in complex and intricate geometries.

Benefits of Gundrilling for Medical Products

As a fabrication process, gundrilling offers several benefits to medical manufacturing by producing drilled bores with the highest standards of straightness and roundness, with the ability to reach incredible depths impossible in traditional drilling. Gundrilling is an exceptionally consistent and repeatable process, ensuring that products can be reproduced to specifications. Our gun drilling techniques are exclusive to our operations, and we have decades of experience and technical knowledge to fabricate premium components to impressive specifications.

With a 50-year manufacturing history, gundrilling can create various tested and proven grinds, feeds, and speeds in medical application fabrication. Our gundrilling services also deliver additional sanitation benefits using special coolants and oil-based solvents that will not carry bacteria. To manufacturing, gundrilling offers increased speeds and a range of complex drilling capabilities to produce and reproduce high-quality components and applications that meet your exact requirements.

Gundrilling Medical Applications

A precision manufacturing method, gundrilling is an ideal choice for making medical products and components. Offering high levels of accuracy for complex drilled components, gundrilling provides reliability in scaled production with completely repeatable drilling processes. Our production methods also utilize a special oil blend that offers enhanced sanitary benefits for producing medical products, with years of experience to deliver quality and offer creative advice. In addition to rapid prototyping and engineering guidance services, gundrilling can be used to create the following applications in the medical industry:

  • Medical Packaging
  • Implant & Surgical Devices
  • Intravenous Applications
  • Medical Device Components

Create High-Quality Medical Products & Components with Gundrilling from AMG

At American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG), we produce premium medical components and products using a specialized drilling process. With decades of technical expertise and manufacturing knowledge, our processes utilize the latest custom machines to fabricate complex drilled hole types to your requirements. Gundrilling works with various materials, including exotic alloys and plastics, to produce medical components with impressive technical abilities to strict specifications. Contact us with any questions you may have or request a quote.