Gundrilling Vacuum Plates

Vacuum plates use negative air pressure to form components instead of heat. Negative air pressure is produced by drilling intricate hole patterns around complex hole types, where traditional drilling processes may struggle.

Gundrilling offers an individualized manufacturing method with benefits and advanced capabilities for producing vacuum plates.

Drilling Capabilities for Vacuum Plates

Relying on complex drilled patterns, vacuum plates demand accuracy and precision drilling techniques. Using specialized, state-of-the-art equipment, gundrilling can produce a variety of challenging hole types and intricate designs to create a high-performance vacuum plate component. Complex drilling capabilities of gundrilling for vacuum plate assemblies include:

  • Cross-Cavity & Intersecting Hole Types
  • Blind & Stepped Hole Types

When manufacturing with gundrilling processes, production is individualized to the needs of the component. With years of experience in gundrilling fabrication, we are able to achieve incredible drilling specifications that meet your requirements. For vacuum plate production, gundrilling offers many crucial benefits.

Advantages of Vacuum Plate Gundrilling

Gundrilling is a premium precision drilling method with various advantages in manufacturing vacuum plate components and applications. We specialize our processes, ensuring a suitable machine is used for each operation. Achieving minimal material distortion, gundrilling creates hole types that can reach exceptional depths while still producing a perfectly round diameter and high-tolerance straightness.

In addition, with our techniques and equipment, gundrilling is a repeatable and consistent manufacturing process. We are able to drill a variety of materials up to 50 R/c hardness, including exotics and precious metals, standard metals, polymers and plastics, and everyday materials such as wood. Gundrilling can produce unlimited holes and achieve tolerances within .0003”, providing a reliable manufacturing process that meets requirements every time.

AMG Produces High-Quality Vacuum Plate Applications with Precision Gundrilling

At American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG), we are the go-to guys for challenging drilling operations. Our decades of experience and specially modified equipment allow us to achieve exacting requirements in drilling for applications. Gundrilling fabrication can produce the specifications you require, and we also offer creative guidance for parts manufacturing, ensuring that your application performs as intended. Contact AMG with your questions or request a quote today.