Close Tolerance Gundrilling

Achieving tight or minuscule tolerances with traditional drilling methods can be challenging. Gundrilling provides an efficient and niche specialized drilling process that outperforms conventional drilling for close tolerances. Our individualized gundrilling equipment and techniques can achieve the close tolerance drilling operations you require, to hole diameters that are thousandths of an inch, in a variety of materials for many industries and applications.

Capabilities for Close Tolerance Drilling

Gundrilling solutions for tight tolerance drilling are unique to the application. Providing an individualized process that addresses a variety of materials, including exotic and precious metals, plastic polymers, and other standard drilling materials, diameter tolerances down to thousandths of an inch are possible with gundrilling.

Machine and process selections are specialized for each project, and assessing the material type and the needs of the application helps to determine the approach. AMG offers engineering guidance for complex and challenging drilling operations, ensuring your part works as intended. Gundrilling specifications for close tolerance drilling include:

  • Hole diameters from .050”
  • Unlimited number of drilled bores
  • Extreme depth capabilities depending on the diameter
  • Within tolerances of .0003”
  • Surface finishes of 16 to 20 µin.

Gundrilling Advantages for Tight Tolerances

Using gundrilling manufacturing provides production benefits to close tolerance drilling. In addition to achieving incredibly tight tolerances down to thousandths of an inch, gundrilling produces high-quality, complex, and challenging hole types in several material options. Bores drilled using gundrilling methods are perfectly round and straight every time. With capabilities to create intersecting and concentric hole types using drilling processes that offer high repeatability for consistent quality.

Close Tolerance Drilling for Applications & Industries

Creating round, straight, and repeatable hole types in applications is essential in a variety of industries. Gundrilling can achieve tight tolerances in industry-specific materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, medical stainless, and other exotic and precious metals, standard metals, plastic polymers, and more. Industries served by close tolerance gundrilling include the following, but are not limited to:

Executing close tolerance drilling in applications can determine operational success. Various applications require tight tolerances for their performance, including:

With quality, repeatable close-tolerance drilling capabilities and engineering guidance from the experts at AMG, we can create drilled hole types that meet the needs of your application.

AMG Can Achieve Tight Tolerances with Gundrilling Capabilities

Applications requiring compact diameters can rely on gundrilling manufacturing to achieve challenging tolerances. Using state-of-the-art, modified equipment, we can achieve hole diameters down to thousandths of an inch that meet the stringent requirements of demanding industrial applications. American Machine & Gundrilling is a premium gundrilling fabricator with decades of experience and technical expertise in the industry. Contact us with any questions or for creative engineering guidance, and you can also request a quote.