Intersecting Hole Types

Drilling intersecting hole types for applications is a challenging process. Difficult to achieve with traditional drilling methods, gundrilling provides many benefits to producing intersecting bores. Understand how gundrilling can engineer complex intersecting hole types, the advantages of gundrilling for intersecting hole types, and applications utilizing intersecting hole types produced by gundrilling methods.

Gundrilling Intersecting Bores

Gundrilling can produce complex and intricate intersecting geometries in applications. As a specialized process, we select fabrication methods based on the needs of your component. Intersecting gundrilling capabilities provide precise results for challenging hole types, such as bores at intersecting angles, different diameters, and complex linking for patterns for up to about 100 intersecting bores. We are experts at the hard-to-do, able to create difficult drilled hole types with exceptional technical specifications.

Intersecting Types Gundrilling Advantages

Using gundrilling to fabricate intersecting hole types provides numerous benefits. Gundrilling is an individualized drilling process tailored to the requirements of the produced component. Choosing gundrilling to create intersecting hole types can achieve capabilities traditional drilling methods may not perform or require extensive production times. Manufacturing and performance advantages for intersecting bores offered by gundrilling fabrication include the following:

  • High-Tolerance Straightness
  • Completely Round Bores
  • Blind Hole Types
  • Extreme Depths & Tight Diameters
  • Repeatability & Consistency

Applications for Intersecting Hole Types

Intersecting bores are required for a variety of industrial applications. Gundrilling offers an efficient and precise drilling fabrication method for creating intersecting hole types in applications. Create complex intersecting hole types for the following applications with gundrilling processes:

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, mold manufacturing, medical, and food packaging require intricate intersecting geometries that can be difficult to achieve with traditional drilling. With state-of-the-art gundrilling and modified equipment, our operations can provide complex intersecting bores in various materials for applications across industries.

Create Complex Intersecting Geometries with Gundrilling from AMG

With decades of technical expertise and engineering experience, our gundrilling capabilities can achieve difficult intersecting hole types for applications. Gundrilling fabrication utilizes custom equipment to meet demanding specifications and offers a highly repeatable technique. In addition to our premium gundrilling productions, American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) provides creative guidance for engineering projects to ensure your component performs optimally. Contact us with any questions or request a quote for your gundrilling project.