Shallow Hole Gundrilling Services

No matter the depth, drilling operations require accuracy for optimal application performance. While less demanding than deep hole drilling, short-depth gun drilling creates precise, high-quality hole types for industrial applications with better capabilities than traditional drilling methods. Understand shallow hole gun drilling capabilities, the benefits of short-depth gundrilling, and industries and applications that utilize short-depth gundrilling.

Drilling Capabilities for Shallow Hole Applications

Gundrilling is a specialized machining process often utilized to deliver deep drilling capabilities with exceptional straightness and operations unavailable in traditional drilling. However, these processes can also offer precision drilling for shallow hole applications. Unlike deep hole capabilities, high-accuracy shallow hole drilling can be achieved independent of the diameter. We offer hole gun drilling capable of fabricating hole depths from 5” to 3/4” or smaller.

Using custom equipment, gun drilling produces higher quality drilled holes in applications. Precision short-depth gundrilling can produce complex hole types and intricate geometries for industrial applications. Our drilling processes can create unlimited holes manufactured within tolerances of ± 0.0003”. With an individualized machining process, there are a variety of advantages to gundrilling services for shallow bores.  

Shallow Hole Gun Drilling Advantages

Operations for shallow hole gun drilling provide various benefits. As a machining process, gun drilling offers precision and high-tolerance straightness for accurately drilled components that meet specifications. Shallow hole drilling is specialized to the requirements of the part, allowing for repeatability in producing identical components. The advantages of short-depth drilling fabrication using gundrilling include:

  • Cost-effective manufacturing with flexible lead times
  • Increased straightness and precision
  • Machines perfect, completely round bores
  • Capable of unlimited holes and various hole types
  • Works with a range of materials up to 50 R/c hardness

Industries & Applications for Shallow Hole Drilling

Various applications across industries benefit from precision shallow hole gundrilling. Short-depth gun drilling operations exceed traditional drilling in roundness and accuracy for high-quality hole types essential to application performance. Preferred for delivering precision to industrial applications, like equipment assemblies, shallow hole gundrilling can be used to fabricate the following and more:

  • Cooling/Heating/Stripper Plates
  • Frames & Structural Components
  • Internal Components for Equipment

Get High-Precision Shallow Hole Drilling for Quality Components at AMG

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) is a precision gun drilling fabricator with 50 years of experience. With a vast knowledge base of technical expertise in gundrilling operations, we have custom drilling capabilities for shallow holes, deep holes, and various hole types. Our experts offer engineering guidance in fabricating the parts you require, providing manufacturing capabilities for prototypes, custom-modified parts, and identical components. Additionally, we conduct in-house inspections to guarantee part performance and that fabrication is done to the requirements.

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