Gundrilling Fuel System Injectors & Manifolds

In fuel system injector and manifold applications, precision drilling operations are essential. Fuel system injectors and manifolds utilize complex drilled designs for proper (and enhanced) performance, demanding accuracy from drilling fabricators. See how gundrilling offers valuable capabilities to fuel system injector and manifold manufacturing and the benefits of gundrilling for these applications.

Drilling Capabilities for Fuel System Injectors & Manifolds

As a specialized manufacturing process, gundrilling uses modified, state-of-the-art equipment for accurate drilling operations. In gundrilling, each component is machined and tooled to the requirements of the application and the needs of the individual component. Gundrilling for fuel system injectors and manifolds can achieve precision in:

  • Drilling Feed Lines
  • Drill Out Weight for Racing
  • Stepped & Angled Drilling
  • Drilling Leader & Ejector Pinholes
  • Cross-Cavity & Bubbler Holes

Gundrilling is able to produce a variety of complex and intricate hole types to meet the needs of your application. With custom equipment and decades of experience, gundrilling processes can work with various materials up to 50 R/c and can drill an unlimited number of holes in an application. Additionally, gundrilling offers a number of production benefits for drilling fuel system injectors and manifold applications.

Fuel System Injectors & Manifolds Gundrilling Benefits

For manufacturing fuel system injectors and manifolds, the precision and versatility of gundrilling offer multiple advantages. Gundrilling techniques can drill exceptional depths with minimal material distortion for incredible straightness. A testament to consistency, gundrilling is a repeatable process, with a recorded history of how to machine previously produced parts. In addition, gundrilling is able to exact tight tolerances within .0003” and achieve perfectly round diameters for optimal performance. Meet your complex drilling requirements with gundrilling manufacturing.

Get High-Quality Fuel System Injectors & Manifold Fabrication from AMG

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) strives to deliver excellence with gundrilling manufacturing. We use state-of- the-art custom equipment to meet exact requirements and produce high-performance applications. Our decades of expertise allow us to offer creative guidance and engineering assistance that fabricates the part you want for the needs of your application. Contact us with your questions on gundrilling, or request a quote.