Gundrilling for Clamping & Sealing Bars

Clamping and sealing bar applications require precision drilling to accommodate internal components for optimal performance. Providing an individualized manufacturing method, gundrilling can create the complex and intricate hole types required by clamping and sealing bars to specifications. See how gundrilling manufacturing offers exceptional capabilities and advantages to clamping and sealing bar applications.

Clamping & Sealing Bars Drilling Capabilities

Gundrilling manufacturing uses the latest custom equipment to produce complex hole types in various industrial applications. In clamping and sealing bar fabrication, drilling operations are vital to the performance of the assembly. Capabilities of gundrilling techniques for clamping and sealing bars include the ability to produce:

  • Bubbler & Through-Holes
  • Angled & Stepped Drilling
  • Blind & Thermal Coupling Bores

Producing clamping and sealing bars with gundrilling works with many material options, with the ability to drill up to 50 R/c and provide custom grinding operations, works with custom carbides, and enhanced coatings and treatments. Additionally, our processes utilize unique oil blends for chipping and cooling while drilling for minimal distortion.

Selecting gundrilling for clamping and sealing bar manufacturing offers useful benefits.

Advantages of Gundrilling for Clamping & Sealing Bars

When fabricating clamping and sealing bars, there are benefits to using gundrilling manufacturing processes. Production with gundrilling techniques is specialized to the needs of an individual component, with the guarantee that the correct machining and tooling are used. With individualized approaches, gundrilling manufacturing is a highly repeatable process.

Gundrilling is also a precise operation, capable of producing completely round diameters and achieving increased depth levels that traditional twist drilling may not reach. Clamping and sealing bars demand precision and accuracy in drilling, and gundrilling can produce the challenging features needed to exact requirements.

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American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) is a high-quality manufacturer using gundrilling techniques to produce components to your requirements. We utilize custom machines and techniques to create complex and intricate hole types in clamping and sealing bar applications. With years of experience and technical expertise, we proudly offer creative engineering guidance to fabricate parts for optimal performance. Contact AMG with your questions or request a quote.