Concentric Stepped Hole Types

Drilling for extreme depth can be difficult in traditional operations. Gundrilling fabrication provides a unique process, allowing highly repeatable depth drilling with minimal deformities. Providing an individualized drilling process, gundrilling offers close tolerance concentricity in addition to impressive depth for industrial applications. Understand concentric stepped drilling solutions from American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG).

Gundrilling for Concentric Stepped Bores

Able to produce bores that are perfectly round and straight while sharing a center for quality concentricity, gundrilling offers exceptional drilling capabilities. Custom-modified equipment and proven manufacturing processes make gundrilling an excellent method for achieving complex and challenging hole types like concentric stepped. Gundrilling fabrication is specialized to the needs of your component. Providing high-quality precision, gundrilling can return concentric bores within 0.001” and stepped drilling operations with incredible straightness, minimal material distortion, and many other benefits. Our time-tested gundrilling processes are designed to achieve intricate and hard- to-do drilling to create your component to even the most challenging specifications.

Gundrilling Benefits in Concentric Stepped Drilling

When a component requires impressive depth, multiple diameters, and concentricity, gundrilling offers an individualized technique for achieving concentric bores with step drilling methods. Producing various diameters with concentricity can be a challenge, but gundrilling provides an efficient and accurate drilling process with a range of fabrication benefits, including:

  • Exceptional Depth with No Misalignment or Deformities
  • High Tolerance Straightness & Perfectly Round Bores
  • Repeatable Processes for Identical Parts
  • Blind Drilling Possible
  • Close Tolerance Hole Types & Diameters

Concentric Stepped Hole Types Applications

Concentric stepped bores are found in various industrial applications. With a specialized drilling process, gundrilling produces high-quality, straight, and perfectly round bores with varying diameters and reduced material distortion that other drilling methods cannot achieve. Applications benefitting from gundrilling fabrication for stepped concentric hole types:

A range of industries require concentric stepped bore drilling, including electronics and computer manufacturing, medical industries, aerospace and automotive, and oil drilling utilize applications with concentric stepped hole types. Our processes incorporate decades of technical expertise and the quality capabilities of custom equipment to complete challenging hole types, like concentric stepped, that meet the requirements of your applications.

Premium Gundrilling for Concentric Stepped Hole Types from AMG

Offering decades of experience and technical knowledge, AMG drilling operations produce high-quality concentric stepped hole types for various applications. With the latest modified technology, precision gundrilling achieves varying diameters with accurate concentricity, high tolerance straightness, repeatability, and minimal deformation. In addition, we offer creative engineering guidance to ensure your components work as intended for your application and value-added finishing services to produce a complete part. Contact AMG with any questions you may have or request a quote.