Food Packaging and Handling

Gundrilling in Food Packaging & Handling Industries

Food packaging and handling products are made from a wide variety of materials and serve many functions. When manufacturing components and applications used in the food processing and handling industry, sanitation, precision, flexibility, and consistency are essential for high-quality products to perform as intended. Gundrilling offers a specialized precision drilling process for creating various food processing components. Understand the capabilities of gundrilling for food packaging and handling, the benefits that gundrilling provides to finished products, and applications for gundrilling in the food processing industries.

Food Processing Products Gundrilling Capabilities

Gundrilling is a precision fabrication drilling process that is individualized in creating each component or product. Able to produce the highest quality drilled hole type, gundrilling can achieve unlimited drilled bores in complex and intricate geometries, with capabilities to produce challenging hole types that traditional drilling methods cannot. With high-accuracy gundrilling manufacturing, drilled bores feature high-tolerance straightness, perfect roundness, and the ability to be drilled with depths over long distances. Gundrilling uses state-of-the-art modified machines to achieve impressive technical specifications and provide benefits for industrial food packaging and handling components and products.

Gundrilling Advantages for Food Packaging & Handling Products

In addition to providing the roundest, straightest drilled hole types, gundrilling offers various advantages to manufacturing food processing and handling products. Gundrilling is a highly repeatable process, providing outstanding consistency for drilled components. The consistency of size offered by precision gundrilling manufacturing allows for accurate dispensing of products within industrial food handling operations, with repeatable manufacturing techniques that can reproduce components to existing specifications.

Our decades of experience in precision gundrilling fabrication have helped us innovate for food packaging and handling. We utilize potable and food-safe coolants and solvents to enhance sanitation when manufacturing for industrial food processing industries. Parts and components are also washed as needed to remove any additional residue. Gundrilling provides additional sanitary protections through our material capabilities, with the ability to machine hardened stainless steel and other materials with microbial benefits. 

Gundrilling Food Packaging & Handling Applications

Applications within the food processing industries benefit from choosing gundrilling as a manufacturing method. Gundrilling provides a fast and adaptable fabrication process that is able to create precision food handling products and components with consistency and repeatability. Our proprietary methods and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to create high-quality products with rapid prototyping capabilities to assist industrial innovation. Food processing and handling products and components that can be manufactured with gundrilling include:

  • Dispensers
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Sealing Bars & Trays
  • Die Stamps
  • Conveyor Belts & Rollers
  • Washing Applications
  • De-Shelling Applications
  • Cookie Cutters & Sheets
  • Baking Implements

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