Gundrilling for Castings

Gundrilling provides a specialized drilling process for applications. Using gundrilling techniques for casting applications can create complex and intricate hole types. With the ability to achieve more stringent requirements than traditional twist drilling, gundrilling benefits components and final assemblies.

Casting Drilling Capabilities

In drilling for castings, the casting material may be softer in areas, which causes challenges for traditional twist drilling. Twist drilling may also cause anomalies and deformities, but gundrilling is individualized to the specific casting, providing the right machine capabilities needed by the component.

Gundrilling can produce cross-cavity, intersecting, and stepped hole types in castings that require intricate drilling. With our experience, we can drill varying diameters for sleeving and expansion to provide easy removal and replacement of components, and to preserve pressure within the application. Gundrilling production creates incredibly straight bores, even in the uneven material density of castings.

Benefits of Gundrilling for Casting Applications

Gundrilling provides a variety of benefits to drilling processes for castings. Since gundrilling techniques are individualized to the requirements of the component, manufacturing completely round and straight hole types is repeatable in identical castings. Gundrilling provides:

  • High-Tolerance Straightness
  • Consistent Stepped Bores
  • Incredible Depths

Using custom equipment, surface finishes are highly consistent with tolerances drilled within .0003”. Gundrilling can work with metals, plastics, and everyday materials up to 50 R/c and can drill an unlimited number of holes to deliver the product requirements you need.

Precision Gundrilling for Quality Castings & Casting Applications from AMG

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) is a gundrilling manufacturer with decades of experience drilling complex hole types for many applications. We utilize specially modified equipment to achieve staggering depths and challenging diameters to the needs of your application. Find the premium drilling operations you need to produce your casting application at AMG. Contact us with questions, for engineering guidance, or request a quote.