Gundrilling for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Using custom-modified machines, gundrilling provides an individualized drilling process for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder components. Drilling for cylinders requires a range of capabilities to produce a part that performs as intended within the application. Gundrilling is incredibly precise, offering many benefits to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications like animatronics and large work equipment.

Drilling Capabilities for Cylinder Products

When used to produce hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder components, gundrilling manufacturing processes are specialized to the needs of the part. Gundrilling has a wealth of capabilities for complex hole types. We can drill blind holes for sensors, small holes for intricate assemblies, and achieve high-tolerance straightness with consistent lubrication through drilling. Additionally, we can attach, and drill added cylinder material for incredible depths.

Benefits of Gundrilling for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Gundrilling offers a number of benefits for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder components. With gundrilling individualized to the needs of the product, achieving consistently round and straight bores is a repeatable process. Producing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with gundrilling manufacturing offers:

  • Enhanced Straightness
  • Increased Depths
  • Consistency
  • Tight Tolerances & Round Bores

Our custom drilling equipment can achieve challenging specifications and tolerances within .0003”. Working with a variety of materials, we can drill through materials with hardness up to 50 R/c and drill an unlimited number of holes to meet your requirements.

Produce High-Quality Cylinders with Gundrilling from AMG

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) is a premium gundrilling fabricator with a wealth of experience and technical expertise. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can create complex and challenging hole types for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications. Our gundrilling manufacturing processes achieve tight tolerances, unbelievable depths, and perfectly round and straight bores every time. Contact us with any questions you may have, receive engineering guidance for a product, or request a quote today.