Aerospace Gun Drilling

Products for the aerospace industry must be manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. Often made of unique materials that require precision manufacturing, aerospace components are critical to civilian, military, and aircraft operations. Gundrilling provides an individualized machining process for aerospace drilling. Understand the importance of aerospace gun drilling, the advantages of gundrilling operations for aerospace components, and materials used in aerospace drilling.

Gundrilling Operations for Aerospace

Precision gun drilling offers a specialized machining process for producing mission-critical aerospace components. Components in the aerospace industry demand accurate, high-quality production and routinely utilize alloys that may be difficult to machine. Using custom-modified technology, aerospace drilling operations create complex, precise drilled hole types that are unavailable with traditional drilling processes. With deep hole gundrilling capabilities, we can fabricate the following components for aerospace applications:

  • Fastener Components
  • Mechanical Engine Parts
  • Steering Devices
  • Landing Components
  • Sensors & Sensing Components
  • Window Heaters
  • Sanitation Equipment
  • Air Handling Systems & Filters
  • Small Components & Critical Parts

Our capabilities for aerospace gun drilling allow for the fabrication of various hole types with diameters ranging from 0.55” to 2.75” and bolt circle diameters up to 36”, within tolerances of ± 0.0003”. Depending on the diameter, aerospace drilling depths are achieved from less than 1” up to 360”. Aerospace gun drilling provides numerous benefits to producing high-precision, critical components to specifications that withstand harsh conditions.

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Aerospace Gun Drilling Advantages

Components used in aerospace applications benefit from gundrilling fabrication. In an industry requiring precision, aerospace gun drilling exceeds traditional drilling operations in various ways. Gundrilling machining processes are individualized to each component, which means repeatability is easily achieved for identical parts. Delivering higher quality drilled bores, advantages of producing aerospace components with gundrilling operations include exceptional straightness, minimal deformation and distortion, high-quality finishes, accurate depth drilling, and close tolerance diameters. Aerospace gun drilling utilizes custom technology to produce intricate hole types and geometries in various materials, including exotic alloys.

Materials Used in Aerospace Drilling

Aerospace applications prioritize high-strength, exotic alloys that withstand an array of challenging conditions and environments. These materials can be difficult to machine in traditional drilling processes, but aerospace gun drilling has capabilities for materials up to 50 R/c. Our technicians take extra care manufacturing aerospace components, using special grinds and techniques to protect materials against work-hardening and overheating. With precious materials and alloy options like aircraft-grade aluminum, we can fabricate precision drilled hole types to exact specifications featuring benefits exclusive to aerospace gun drilling.

High-Accuracy Aerospace Gun Drilling Available at American Machine & Gundrilling

American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) offers precision drilling capabilities for aerospace components. Using state-of-the-art, modified equipment, our capabilities for aerospace drilling work with exotic and precious alloys to create premium mission-critical components. We have 50 years of technical expertise and experience in custom fabricating drilled hole types. With an extensive knowledge base, we reference past projects and conduct in-house inspections to ensure your part meets requirements and performs as intended; additionally, we can offer engineering design guidance for an optimized component. AMG works with experienced local fabricators to locate quality services for a complete solution.

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