Gundrilling for Pistons

Drilling is essential in manufacturing, and gundrilling provides a high-quality, individualized drilling process for piston production. At American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG), we use state-of-the-art custom equipment for advanced drilling capabilities in manufacturing. Gundrilling is a fast and efficient process that offers valuable benefits to piston fabrication.

Drilling Capabilities for Pistons

Producing pistons requires precision drilling techniques. With gundrilling processes specialized to the needs of the component, we can achieve many complex hole types with strict specifications. For piston applications, gundrilling can produce smooth I.D. surfaces and challenging compound angles that other drilling operations may have difficulty completing. Gundrilling works with a variety of different materials, with the ability to drill up to 50 R/c hardness to create the piston application you need to exact requirements.

Piston Gundrilling Benefits

There are manufacturing advantages when choosing gundrilling over traditional drilling methods. Our processes are individualized for the needs of each piston application to produce a high-quality product. Gundrilling can achieve unbelievably straight drilling with increased depths, and the process is repeatable each time. Benefits of gundrilling for pistons include the following:

  • Consistency & Repeatability
  • Incredible Depths
  • Perfect Roundness & Tight Tolerances
  • Exceptional Straightness

With modified equipment, we can drill complex and intricate hole types that other drilling processes may not be able to achieve. Gundrilling can achieve tolerances within .0003” and drill an unlimited number of holes, with depths able to be several times deeper than the size of the diameter. We are the go-to guys to produce challenging components because we can meet the requirements necessary.

AMG Offers the Precision Drilling You Need for Pistons & Piston Applications

We can produce high-tolerance straightness and completely round bores in applications with gundrilling. Using custom equipment and providing decades of technical expertise and experience, our individualized drilling processes can make the components you need to exact specifications. Additionally, we offer creative guidance and engineering advice to create an application that works as intended. Contact us with any questions you may have or request a quote.