Mold Manufacturing

Gundrilling for Mold Manufacturing

Molds are part of a repeatable production process, with mold manufacturing an essential operation in various industries. When creating a mold for future use, molds utilize close-tolerance drilled hole types for heating, cooling, removal, and more. Gundrilling provides a high-quality, precision drilling process for producing mold manufacturing components. Understand the capabilities of gundrilling for mold manufacturing products, the advantages of gundrilling in mold manufacturing, and potential applications.

Mold Manufacturing Gundrilling Capabilities

To produce precision mold manufacturing components, gundrilling is an individualized drilling technique with highly consistent methods that offer repeatability for reproduction. Many intricate and complex hole types are created with gundrilling manufacturing, providing the highest quality bore in several materials for industrial applications. With the gundrilling fabrication process specialized to the needs of the component, gundrilling can offer impressive depth over distance drilling and straightness tolerances within one thousandth per foot and can produce an unlimited number of holes to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Gundrilling for Mold Manufacturing

Gundrilling offers a variety of helpful advantages in producing mold components for mold manufacturing. In addition to consistency and repeatability, gundrilling creates premium drilled bores with enhanced straightness, incredible roundness, and accuracy that can provide optimal performance in manufacturing mold components.

We have decades of experience in gundrilling mold manufacturing products, and our proven processes allow us to provide exceptional drilling capabilities and meet strict technical specifications for molds. Gundrilling can produce many applicable hole types in mold products, with the ability to get as close as possible to elements for even heating and cooling. Our processes support rapid prototyping, with the flexibility to design and create a component using innovative solutions, working with engineering guidance from our expert team.

Applications for Gundrilling in Mold Manufacturing

Mold manufacturing applications utilize small drilled hole types for a range of processes. Gundrilling creates premium drilled bores with several benefits for the mold manufacturing industry for producing high-quality molded products. With precision gundrilling, we can fabricate various elements for mold manufacturing products, including:

  • Ejector Pin Holes
  • Heater Element Holes
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Heating & Cooling Oil Lines
  • Cooling Circuits

Our highly accurate drilling techniques allow straight, round bores close to machined elements to provide uniform contact and efficient heating and cooling without welding. We can also offer design assistance to produce a mold manufacturing component with drilled lines where they’re needed and create rapid prototypes for mold testing with corrections.

AMG is Your Trusted Fabricator for Precision Mold Manufacturing Components

At American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG), we operate the latest custom equipment to produce high-quality components for mold manufacturing operations. With years of expertise in manufacturing mold products, our expert team can assist with engineering and design to ensure your application works as intended while offering a highly repeatable and flexible manufacturing process that allows for rapid prototyping with corrections as needed. Contact us to discuss mold manufacturing gundrilling or request a quote.