Gundrilling for Actuators

Offering an individualized drilling method, gundrilling tailors manufacturing to the needs of the component. When manufacturing actuators, tight tolerances and precision are critical factors in the drilling process. Understand the capabilities of gundrilling and the benefits this process provides for actuator production.

Actuator Drilling Capabilities

A component relying on kinetic energy for motion, actuators require precision drilling techniques. Manufacturing processes using gundrilling are specialized to each element, so every machine and tool can create the parts needed to exact specifications. In producing actuators, gundrilling can drill several times deeper depending on the hole diameter, create blind holes for sensors and magnets, and make small, intricate hole types for complex assemblies. Additionally, gundrilling provides valuable benefits in actuator manufacturing.

Gundrilling Benefits for Actuators

Choosing gundrilling offers various manufacturing benefits over traditional twist drilling. Gundrilling manufacturing is individualized, ensuring the right equipment and processes are used every time. With gundrilling, minimal material distortion is achieved, providing high-tolerance straightness and perfectly round diameters.

For actuators, gundrilling can drill exceptionally long depths with repeatability, achieving tolerances within .0003”. We can drill an unlimited number of holes in a range of materials, including exotic and precious metals, standard metals, plastics and polymers, and everyday materials like wood. We strive to provide the high-quality drilling processes you need to produce challenging components to meet your requirements.

AMG Gundrilling Offers Accuracy & Precision to Actuator Manufacturing

At American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG), it’s our goal to get you the product you need. We offer state-of-the-art, specialized gundrilling for actuators and other applications, along with decades of technical expertise and experience. With the ability to achieve exacting requirements, gundrilling is a premium drilling method that provides precision and accuracy to create the components you need. Have questions about producing a high-performing part? We can help with engineering and creative guidance. Contact us with your questions or request a quote today.