Hole Types Drilled

Traditional drilling processes face challenges in creating complex and intricate hole types. Using proprietary methods and custom technology, American Machine & Gundrilling (AMG) fabricates products for various industries with elaborate hole-type geometries. Gun drilling produces high-quality, difficult hole types with benefits over traditional drilling. Learn about our capabilities for drilling complex bores and hole types drilled.

Drilling Capabilities for Hole Types

The go-to machining method for complex drilled hole types, gundrilling provides capabilities that traditional twist drilling cannot satisfy. Precision gun drilling uses modified equipment for drilling operations in demanding industries that require close tolerances, high-accuracy straightness, and challenging geometries. With a fabrication process tailored to the needs of the industrial component being machined, services for gun drilling can achieve the following:

  • Diameters ranging from 0.55” to 2.75”
  • Bolt circle diameters up to 36”
  • Drilled within tolerances of ± 0.0003
  • Depths from less than 1” up to 360” depending on diameter

Many industrial components in various industries require precision drilling to perform as intended. Our gundrilling services offer benefits over standard drilling operations with our individualized, in-house machining processes. Precision gundrilling capabilities can create a range of hole types in various materials that exceed industry standards in diameter machining, tight tolerances, high-accuracy straightness, and repeatability. Producing high-quality drilled bores, our gun drilling services have the capabilities to fabricate:

  • Stepped
  • Ball-End
  • Blind
  • Concentric
  • Cross-Cavity
  • Counter-Bored
  • Flat Bottom
  • Intersecting
  • Through-Holes

Concentric Drilling

Specific applications require that an inside diameter is perfectly centered within an outside diameter. Concentricity is essential to the performance of parts and critical for function. Our processes utilize the I.D. provided as a “center,” producing repeatable hole concentricity of 0.001” per 12.0” drilled that will repeat consistently from part to part. Achieved when the drilled bore follows the desired axis without drift from entry to exit, concentric drilling is compatible with a variety of materials for the components you require.

Intersecting Hole Types

Machining intersecting holes requires speed and accuracy to avoid deformation. To produce intersecting holes is a challenging drilling operation that means drilling across a gap, increasing the difficulty of machining. Our processes utilize modified equipment and custom drills for precision, and our specially formulated coolant assists in proper chip flushing and lubrication. With capabilities like angled drilling, varying diameters of intersecting holes, and complex linking patterns, our methods produce intersecting hole types with high levels of straightness and low distortion.

Stepped Bore Drilling

For applications that require deep drilling with concentricity, gun drilling operations can produce concentric stepped hole types. Gun drilling capabilities can achieve stepped hole types where the centerline of each bore is concentric to each other, providing excellent “datum” to machine your part by turning the outside diameter down on machining centers. Following the desired axis while also creating varying diameters through the depth of the hole, gun-drilled stepped concentric hole types feature high-accuracy straightness with consistency for repeatability in identical parts.

Complex & Challenging Hole Types from American Machine & Gundrilling

With 50 years of experience and technical knowledge of precision gundrilling, we produce industrial components with complex hole types and intricate geometries. Our specialized processes utilize the latest custom-modified equipment to create high-quality drilled bores in various materials. Using individualized methods, your part is machined to exact requirements, and we conduct in-house inspections referencing our extensive knowledge base to ensure components operate as intended. Cost-effective, specialized gun drilling provides flexibility for faster lead times to meet your production requirements. At AMG, we offer creative engineering guidance and work with a network of local fabricators to assist in manufacturing your parts and assemblies.

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